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Mold Inspection provides services to inspect for mold and moisture. If your home or business has mold odor or roof leaks or other moisture related issues, call us to inquire about our mold inspection and testing services.

What Is Mold

What is mold? Often associated with musty, damp areas that promote its growth and survival, mold is a fungus that will attach itself to certain types of materials such as drywall used in the construction of your house.

It will emit tiny spores that become airborne when living in wet areas of the home such as a bathroom or damp basement area.

This is where mold breeds best. When it is spotted, quick action needs to be taken since it will spread to other areas of the structure if left untreated.

Even if mold is not evident, but the building does suffer from a moisture problem, it is important to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

Although mold presents an incredibly unsightly appearance, its greater problem lies in being a health hazard. People suffering from allergies and asthma will definitely find it difficult to breathe in a mold infested building.

Additionally, a person can suffer eyes, ears, nose and throat irritations. Mold needs to be eliminated so inhabitants of the building do not suffer unnecessarily.